Ridgefield Public Schools

...valuing each and every student

Ridgefield Public Schools challenge students to grow to their fullest potentials while helping them discover themselves and their special places in the world.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Ridgefield Public Schools is to create an environment where everyone can learn and everyone has a voice. Ridgefield honors a culturally diverse student and challenges its students to explore technological innovation in ways that require a fundamental understanding of essential academic standards, as applied to a changing global economy. Our district prides itself on our students' creative expression, public service, and expansive learning opportunities. Ridgefield's mission continues to support a tradition of dedication, selflessness and social concern in all aspects of the school's curricula.
District Goals

Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
The District will lead an effort to tie AchieveNJ work to practical district work by engaging teaching staff in Ongoing Data-Driven Assessment; Quality Professional Development; and Instructional Best Practices.

Communications and Public Relations
The District will improve communication with the school community and the greater Ridgefield community through the dissemination of regular parent and faculty broadcasts, student focused updates and presentations, parent information meetings, and maintenance and expansion of the district website.

Facilities, Safety and Security Resources
The District will Plan, construct, and maintain facilities, systems and funding solutions that support and enhance student achievement, safety, and efficiency and maintain long-term organizational stability by engaging in Phase II of the safety and security initiative and by utilizing tools for long-term organizational planning.

Systemic Operations
The District will engage in engage in a thoughtful and comprehensive multiple measures model for evaluating whole programs and/or parts of programs in order to encourage sound decision-making, clarity of function and purpose, and overall program improvement.