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    Education Class!


    In Health and Physical Education, our main objective is to motivate students to live an active and healthy life. We aide students in developing the skills and knowledge to provide themselves with this type of lifestyle. Your student will have opportunities to learn various sports, fitness activities, nutrition health and social skills throughout the year.

    Our goal is to provide them with the information in order to foster confidence in their abilities and physical, mental, social, and emotional well-being. We want students to be safe, explore, and have fun!

    Please contact me with any questions via email: crizza@ridgefieldschools.com

    I am looking forward to a fantastic school year!


    Responsibility – be a leader, be prepared, help others

    Explore – try new skills, always keeping trying

    Safety – play safely and always follow the directions


    Education & Health

    Citizenship – be a team player, show a positive attitude

    Trustworthiness – play fairly and be honest, take care of equipment