Degrees and Certifications:

Education: St. Peter's College, Jersey City, NJ Bachelor of the Arts in Elementary Education Additional Majors: Modern Language and Literature (Italian Concentration) Certifications: Teacher of Italian Elementary School Teacher Experience: 4th,7th, and 8th Grade Italian Teacher 2021-Present 4th Grade Teacher- Slocum Skewes 2011-Present 7th Grade Italian Teacher-Slocum Skewes 2005-2010

Lucia Abbattista

 In order to be a well-rounded teacher who will meet the needs of the diverse students in today's classroom, a teacher must have a well-rounded philosophy and style of teaching.  My number one goal is to provide a safe, nurturing and educational environment for every child to have an equal opportunity  to learn.  I view each student as an individual and honor different learning styles, abilities and frustrations with sensitivity and respect.  
It is through my teaching style that I feel it is necessary for there to be creativity in the classroom.  I encourage and promote creativity, imagination, critical and analytical thinking.  Having a passion to teach goes beyond teaching from a textbook.  Teaching is an opportunity to inspire and empower.  I believe a teacher is a role model and my emphasis is on having my students succeed.