• Grading
    Components of a student's grade in Physical Education include:

    Attendance/Preparation-coming to class on time, dressing with appropriate footwear and change of clothes, keeping late passes, passes from the nurse and unprepared's to a minimum. 

    Participation-being in the proper location for attendance and warm-ups followed by demonstrating appropriate individual effort and skill development in either individual, fitness, small group, or team related activities.

    Sportsmanship- demonstrating sound character and citizenship, showing respect for the teacher and members of the class, observing rules of safety and utilizing appropriate language throughout the class.

    Class Expectations 

    NO FOOD OR DRINK, except for water bottles, should be brought into the locker rooms or class areas. This privilege may be revoked if bottles are not properly disposed of or at the teachers ‘discretion.

    Each course will include fitness tests at the beginning and end of each semester. 

    Each course requires warm-up laps and conditioning. 

    Cell phones are not allowed in the class areas. IPODS, etc. may be left to teacher


    Students will be expected to enter the locker room through the downstairs hallway doors. These doors will be locked at the tardy bell. All students should stay in the locker room until it is time to go to the gym together. (It is important for each student to have teacher supervision in the case of fire, severe weather, or other emergency situations). Students should use the restroom before going to the gym.

    Do NOT leave the gym or other class areas without permission. 

    Inappropriate language will not be tolerated.