• Philosophy   
    Students are aware of and should abide by the classroom rules that are displayed in the classroom and reviewed occasionally. Students need to be prepared for every class. Either in the classroom or in the community the students are always engaged in hands on learning.
    The following is a list of some skills that the students learn, practice and engage in throughout the school year:
    Community Based Instruction 
    • Social skills group with 21 and over programs
    • Using a gym facility
    • Recreational activities for pleasure
    • Problem solving 
    • Following a shopping list 
    • Using money skills at store or restaurant
    • Communicating needs to others
    • Using social and safety skills
    • Reading a menu
    • Restaurant etiquette
    • Following directions
    • Using public transportation
    • Self independence
    • Self awareness
    Classroom Learning
    • Reading a recipe
    • Using measurements 
    • Following directions
    • Keeping a home
    • Problem solving
    • Kitchen safety
    • Using kitchen appliances and utensils
    • Preparing simple meals
    • Wash dishes/Using dishwasher 
    • Using washer/dryer
    • Fold clothes
    • Using laptops to locate information/ shop/ online learning
    • Health and fitness
    • Planting and keeping a garden
    Students should always be partaking in these types of activities at home :)