• Academic Requirements

    In general, I respect hard work and honesty.

    Throughout the year, every graded / checked assignment (tests, quizzes, projects, presentations, homework, etc.) will be assigned a point value.  At the end of each marking period, I will review the points you have amassed and divide that number by the total number of possible points for that MP.  The number that emerges from that math problem will be your grade.

    General Expectations / Guidelines



    B)    Classroom Discussions: These rules are designed to foster a welcoming and friendly environment in which we can all share our thoughts without fear of interruption or hostility.  Please do not call out.  Do not speak when those who have been called on are speaking.  Give those speaking your full and complete attention.  If you happen to disagree with what is being said, raise your hand, wait to be called on, and respond in a respectful and appropriate way.  Conversation should be kept at an appropriate volume.


    C)    Class Participation: You need not worry about participating in my class, as every student will speak at least once per class period.  However, regarding the participation grade, students begin the marking period with an A+ as their class participation grade.  Disciplinary issues will lead to a subtraction of participation points and the worsening of one’s grade.


    D)    Written Assignments: Specific guidelines for written assignments will vary from assignment to assignment. However, here are some ground rules: Turn assignments in on time.  If an assignment is late, points will be deducted.  Plagiarized work will receive a 0 for the assignment and will be required to be rewritten for a grade that will be averaged in with the 0.  Answer questions in complete sentences.  Write neatly so that I can read your work.  If I cannot read your work, that is the same as you not having done your work.  Spelling and grammar count DO count.


    E)     Revisions: All essays and writing projects in this class can and should be revised.  Revision due dates will be announced by me.  All revisions must be turned in with your original assignment.  Your revised assignment will replace your old grade


    F)     Eating/Attire/Phones: No hats or hoods, as eye contact is a key element of learning in the classroom.  No food or gum, as they often make their way onto the furniture and the floors.  No cell phones, as I fear that they might prove to be far more interesting than me.  Keep your cell phones out of sight and out of mind.  If I see your cell phone during class you will lose it.


    G)    Tardiness: This is what I believe being late to be: Not being in one’s seat when the period begins.  BE IN YOUR SEAT WHEN THE PERIOD STARTS. I cannot stress this enough.


    H)    Talk to me.  Though I do my best to try to be aware of what’s going on with my students, I am human.  You are human as well.  I understand that each one you have many things going on in your life and that you have family responsibilities.  I am willing to work with you and your families but you must communicate with me.  Let me know AHEAD OF TIME what’s going on.  Otherwise, I may assume that you are not taking this class seriously.