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Degrees and Certifications:

Education:   William Paterson University, B. A. English Literature, certification in Secondary Education William Paterson University, M.A. in English Literature William Paterson University, M.F.A. in Writing, emphasis in Poetry

Ms. Marilena Ferraiuolo

About Me:

I have always loved literature; at a young age reading and writing were things which I drew great inspiration from.  However, it wasn't until my freshman year of college that my love was fully developed when a professor made me look at literature in a way I never had before.  She taught me that literature can be seen in more than one way, that we can interpret texts in a variety of manners and that all we need is the text itself to express those truths.  My love for writing was developed in a similar manner; I was taught that we can express ourselves in the words we use and that those words we use have the greatest of powers.  I decided to become a teacher to inspire students in the same way in which I was inspired by my teachers.  Now, in my thirteenth year of teaching, I continue to hope to inspire students to love literature in the same way that I have been inspired.  


My Philosophy of Teaching:  

My philosophy of teaching focuses on taking care of the needs of the students.  I believe that learning should be an active process for students and that they should find meaning within the subjects they are learning about.  Pupils should be guided in a way in which they can use their prior knowledge, skills, and experiences to help them in learning.  If the focus of education is placed on children and what they are interested in, then they will want to learn more and will be more interested in the subject matter they are studying.  The student (and teacher), subsequently, will consider school as an environment that is both stimulating and enjoyable. I also believe that there should be a positive interaction between teachers and their students.  Although some pupils may differ in their dispositions to learn, I feel all students can learn.  If they are given the chance to learn and given positive reinforcements, pupils can and will want to learn more.  In addition, I believe students will learn better if treated respectfully and given the opportunity to express their ideas in class.  Teachers should give every pupil the chance to learn in a positive environment.  



I feel that it is important to be available to students and parents alike whenever needed.  I am available to students before and after school for extra help by scheduled appointment.  I am also available via email and telephone.