I will offer help before school (by appointment) and after school.  If you ever need my immediate help or are absent from school you can email me any questions at:  mferraiuolo@ridgefielschools.com.   I check my email a few times a day. 

     Objective:  In this course, we will be studying various American literary periods with works from four genres of literature—poetry, drama, the short story, and the novel.  Throughout the year you will also be given instruction in vocabulary, writing/editing, public speaking, and technology.  

     Writing:  This school year you will be writing journal entries about various works as well as essays and a research paper.  You will also be expected to work with others in a group on written projects.  In addition to all this, you will be assigned a PowerPoint presentation. 

     Vocabulary:  Selected Vocabulary from individual texts

     The following are works we will be covering in the school year:

       Novels:  In Cold Blood, The Great Gatsby, Tuesdays With Morrie, and The Catcher in the Rye

     Drama:  The Crucible and A Streetcar Named Desire

      Short Stories and Poems: selections from the textbook The United States in Literature as well as handouts


    Grading Policy:

    A+   97 – 100              B+  87 – 89                  C+  77 – 79                  D  65 – 69        

    A     94 – 96                B    84 – 86                  C    74 – 76                  F   Below 65

    A-    90 – 93                B-   80 – 83                 C-   70 – 73


    Your grade will be determined in the following way: 


    Assessments                                                                                                               40%

    Graded homework*/Classwork/Achieve 3000 (5% for Achieve alone)                   30%

    Quizzes                                                                                                                       30%   



    *Homework will be checked daily, though not all assignments may be collected. You will still be held accountable for all assignments. 

    *If you are absent, it is your responsibility to come see me or email me to ask what the assignment is.  If no action is taken, you will still be held responsible.

    *For late homework assignments, the highest possible grade will be a 50 if given by the next class, a 0 if after.