•  College Math

    College Math

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    Classroom Rules and Regulations:

    • All students should be behaved and respectful to the teacher and to each other.
    • All phones will be put away at the beginning of class.  The only time a phone will be allowed during class is when it is used during an activity, such as Kahoot.  If a phone is used for any other reason it will be taken away for the remainder of the day and can be picked up at 2:45.
    • Also, all earbuds must be taken out at the beginning of class. 
    • Food and Drinks are not allowed in the classroom and will be taken away.
    • Each student should be seated and ready to work when the bell rings.  This means that homework should be out on his/her desk and a pencil should be out.  In addition, there will be an opening assignment that must be completed at the beginning of the period.
    • Students should only talk during class when they are called upon to answer a question. 
    • There should be no calling out, foul language, bullying or fooling around. 
    • There is to be no writing on desks, walls, etc.
    • Homework is to be completed for the next day.
    • Each student is responsible for making up any missed work/assignments when they are absent whether the absence is excused or not.
    • Please be careful with absences and lates.  The attendance policy is that any student who is absent for 6 or more classes will automatically receive a grade of 55.  Two lates equal an absence.
    • If a student is not performing well in class, he/she must attend extra help either before or after school.  (The student should let me know when he/she wants to come in for extra help)
    • I can always be reached at the email address above.  Parents can email me with any concerns about progress.

    Course Topics Outline:

    Chapter 1: Problem Solving


    Chapter 2:  Sets


    Chapter 3:  Logic


    Chapter 4:  Numeration Systems


    Chapter 5:  Number Theory and the Real Numbers


    Chapter 6:  Equations, Inequalities, and Problem Solving

    Chapter 7:  Functions and Graphs


    Chapter 8:  Geometry


    Chapter 9:  Mathematical Systems and Matrices


    Chapter 10:  Polynomial Functions


    Chapter 11:  Probability


    Chapter 12:  Statistics


    Chapter 13:  Your Money and Your Math


    Car Project


    Checking Project



    Grading Criteria:


    There will be 5 types of Grading.


    1)         Tests                            40%

    2)         Quizzes                       30%

    3)         Class Participation      15%

    4)         Homework                  15%


    Tests count as 40 percent of your grade.  Quizzes count for 30 percent of your grade.  During the year, there will also be Journal Entries, Notebook checks and Classwork quizzes.  There will also be a Portfolio of worksheets that will be completed during each marking period.  These Portfolios count as a Quiz. 


    There will also be two other grades.  The first will be a Classwork grade. Classwork will be assigned every class and should be completed at the designated time during class and will be checked the next day during class.  Failure to complete assignments will result in a zero for the assignment which will affect class participation.  Doing classwork does not mean that you write down only the answers to problems.  In your notebook should be the problems, work and answers.  If you do not have this in your notebooks classwork will not count.  Classwork is due during the next class period and may not be made up if missed. This will be calculated by taking the amount of Classwork completed and dividing it by the number of homework assignments given during the marking period. 


    The second will be a grade that measures your class participation.  This is based on the number of times you actively participate in class. 


    The Classwork grade and the Class Participation grade will each count for  10 percent of your grade.


    Attendance is also a big factor in class success.  Although you will not lose points for being absent, absence does affect your overall performance, because you will miss important details discussed during class.


    As stated above, there will be frequent notebook checks.  Notebook checks will take place on days when you have a quiz or a test.  Notebook checks will count as a quiz.  If your notebook is not in class on days when notebooks are checked you will receive a zero. 


    If you are absent it is your responsibility to make up any missed work.  The day you return to school you should see me to find out what you missed.  Any tests or quizzes must be made up within a week or a grade of zero will be given on the missed assignment.


    There will be no extra credit given at the end of the marking period.  Students should not think that if they were doing poorly during the marking period that they can do an assignment that will bring up their grades dramatically.  Help should be asked for when a problem arises.


    Extra Help will be available any day after school.  Students should let me know so that I can be sure to be available for them.