• espanol  
    One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.
    ‒Frank Smith 
    Las Reglas (rules) :

    I have 2 very important rules.

    1. Respect me, your fellow classmates, yourself, our school and our community at all times.
    2. Never behave in a way that prevents your classmates from being able to learn.  Follow these rules, and we will have a fabulous learning experience together

    Interpretive Listening      15%

    Interpretive Reading        15% 

    Interpersonal Speaking    15%

    Interpersonal Writing       15%

    Presentational Writing      15%

    Presentational Speaking   15% 

    Participation and Effort     10%


    * Participation includes: work ethic, cooperation, respect, conduct, attendance, being attentive, punctuality, being prepared, working to your potential and speaking ONLY Spanish in class.

    • Be prepared for daily assessments.
    • There will be one main project, a Quarterly Benchmark Assessment per marking period (Thematically Organized Assessments = TOA) that has 3 parts: Interpretive, Interpersonal, & Presentational.


    • You MUST bring a pen or pencil, and your Spanish notebook class.
    • There may be “POP” notebook checks that count as exam grades at any time.


    • If you miss class for ANY reason, YOU are 100% responsible for finding out what you missed and for having that work completed on time. You should come to see me immediately upon return to school, email me, call guidance, call me at RMHS or ask a reliable classmate. 
    • You could lose up to 10-15 points per day for any work/tests/quizzes/homework that is late due to unexcused absences.
    • You must hand in work/projects and/or makeup tests/quizzes/presentations the very next class period you are present.
    • When absent, you may be assigned a different version of the test/quiz/project than the rest of the class.

    You are encouraged to bring your own electronic devices, as we will utilize smartphones, tablets, and laptops at times for learning. I will let you know when and how we use these items in class…all other uses are not permitted.