• 7th Grade  Science

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    About Seventh Grade Science: 
     A. The science program, through active participation, is directed toward positive development in the following areas:
           1. Skills
               Lab Safety                                     Analysis and Interpretation of data
               Scientific  Method                         Coming to logical conclusions based on evidence
               Making Models 
            2. Attitudes
                Desire for self improvement
            3.  Knowledge
              Investigation, activities and experiments/demonstrations will be reinforced and supported by basic data in the areas of:
                  a) Diversity in Science
                  b) Physical Science: a) Energy   b) Waves and their Applications in Technology
                  c) Earth Systems
                  d) Life Science: Heredity and the Variation of Traits
    B. Students are expected to:
                   1. Bring all materials to class
                   2. Complete assignments on time
                   3. Work to the best of their ability
                   4. Participate in class discussions
                   5. Keep an organized and readable binder
                   6. Cooperate during group activities
                   7. Follow proper procedure in the lab
                   8. Prepare for and successfully complete projects, tests and quizzes 
           In the event that you need to speak to me during the day, I can be reached at
                 201-778-3441   or by email at pantzoulatos@ridgefieldschools.com.
                        Extra help is offered in the mornings and at recess.
                         Please visit the  Science Google classroom page where homework, materials and classwork information
                         is posted as needed.