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    The goal of the Child Study Team is to have all special education students achieve in school at the highest possible level so that they can become productive adults. In order to achieve this we feel it is important for all special education students to be challenged in their academic program.  School for general education is not easy nor should it be for special education students. It is through the process of being challenged and succeeding that one discovers that hard work leads to success, and that we can succeed when we try.  

    The Child Study Team Department is responsible for the evaluation and program development for students with disabilities. When a parent or teacher identifies a student as having educational difficulties, and the interventions recommended by the Response to Intervention Team have not been successful, the student may be referred to the Child Study Team for an evaluation. The Child Study Team, which consists of a School Psychologist, Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant, School Social Worker and when necessary a speech and language specialist, will discuss with the parent whether an evaluation is even warranted, and if so, they will develop a plan to determine the nature and scope of the evaluations.   If evaluations indicate an educational disability is present, the CST will meet with the parent to collaboratively develop an appropriate program to meet the child’s individual needs. 

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Patricia Drimones Supervisor of Special Education PDrimones@Ridgefieldschools.com
Andrea Facciolo Chairperson Child Study Team School Psychologist AFacciolo@Ridgefieldschools.com
Amy McGarry School Psychologist AMcgarry@Ridgefieldschools.com
Lisa Forte Learning Disabilities Teacher Constultant LForte@Ridgefieldschools.com
Maria Vazquez Secretary MVazquez@Ridgefieldschools.com
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