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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree, English/Art History, NYU Master's Degree, ESL, Teacher's College

Ms. Amy Oliff

 I have been an ESL teacher for 15 years for the elementary grades.  I was a teacher in New York City, Spanish Harlem, for 7 years before coming to Ridgefield, N.J.  After graduating college I spent a year in Africa, in a small village, teaching English.   I loved this experience so much that I decided to get my Masters Degree in ESL. I teach ESL to first and second graders in Bergen Boulevard School.   Every new teaching year brings new children, experiences , cultures and languages to my classroom.  It is always very exciting. 
I believe that any child learning a second language should feel comfortable and relaxed in their learning environment.  The children should feel free to experiment and make mistakes within the safety of a small group language learning setting. By creating a safe environment the children will grow and flourish as  secure and proficient English language learners.  It is incredible to have the children share their cultures and backgrounds, and there is so much that they can learn from one another. My greatest hope is that every child learning English with me feels safe,  has fun,  and laughs a lot.  Most importantly, that he/she gains a greater knowledge of the English language and  can read, write and speak with proficiency.  
As of September 2016 I have the honor to be the Gifted and Talented/Enrichment teacher for grades 1-5.  It is a very exciting and dynamic position.   The fifth graders will be exploring the wonders of the solar system and the universe.  We will be taking an exciting trip to Buehler Science Center to take part in a simulated space mission, "Return To The Moon".  I am focusing on Geography and World Studies for the fourth grade.  I feel that students can benefit from acquring more geography and world knowledge skills.  We will explore maps, atlases and online geography sites. Students will work on indepth research projects of the country of their choice.   As of the 2017-2018 school year we have added a 3rd grade Gifted and Talented program.  I am thrilled to be servicing more of the school community and  I look forward to working with the 3rd grade.  The third grade curriculum will include research about the environment, as we learn about animal and plant life on our great planet Earth. I provide a push-in enrichment program 2 days a week at Bergen Boulevard.  At Bergen Boulevard I focus on character development, helping students as they foster their social and emotional skills. We have fun role playing, problem solving and playing interactive learning games.