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RC class of '97 BA in Psychology GSE class of '98 MA in Elementary Education

Ms. Shim

As an admirer of all knowledge and believer of the idea that all knowledge is interdependent,  I believe separation of content leads to breakdown of true understanding.  


I have the privilege of being a member of the Ridgefield Education Community since the Fall of 2000.  Interactions with children, as young as 2nd graders and advanced as Seniors, have exposed me to a myriad of learning modes that have allowed me to grow as a professional in the classroom as well as become a source of guidance to students as they become young adults.     


I’d like to share a story I have recently read that reflects my educational philosophy.


Lim Siong Guan, Former Secretary; Singapore’s Ministry of Education

How do you get a butterfly?

First, there is the egg which hatches into a caterpillar. The caterpillar eats and grows. At the right time, it makes a cocoon out of its own body. While in the cocoon, the caterpillar changes into a butterfly.


When the butterfly is ready, it starts to break through the cocoon.

First a hole appears. Then the butterfly struggles to come out through the hole. This can take a few hours.

If you try to “help” the butterfly by cutting the cocoon, the butterfly will come out easily but it will never fly. Your “help” has destroyed the butterfly.


The butterfly can fly because it has to struggle to come out.

The ‘pushing’ forces a lot of enzymes from the body to the wingtips. This strengthens the muscles and reduces the body weight. In this way, the butterfly will be able to fly the moment it comes out of the cocoon. Otherwise it will simply fall to the ground, crawl around with a swollen body and shrunken wings, and soon die.

If the butterfly is not left to struggle to come out of the cocoon, it will never fly.


We can learn an important lesson from the butterfly.

If the minds of our students are not challenged, they will not have the oppotunity to grow strong and able.