• Health and Physical Education Department
    Phys Ed  
    Physical activity is essential to the development and maintenance of good health.  The goal of physical education is to foster the development of physically educated individuals who have the skills, knowledge and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity.  Ultimately it is our goal that our students will know the benefits of their choice to be involved in physical activity and have a mindset that values physical activity and its benefits in sustaining health lifestyles.  Physical activity is critical to the development and maintenance of good health for both the body and the mind.
    Our program will provide students with a regimen of physical exercise and activity, assist students in the development of physical skills and achievements, encourage students in collaboration, cooperation and instill a lifelong appreciation for physical education.  The activities the student will participate in are as follows:
    Team Sports
    Floor Hockey
    Team Handball
    Lifetime Skills
     Paddle Ball
    Recreational Games
    Fitness & Conditioning
    Fitness Testing
    Weight Training 
    Our health curriculum is firmly based on the teaching of "wellness" which can be defined as a "way of life".  Our goal is to encourage students to take responsibility for their own health and make informed choices about their present state of health as well as in the future. It is essential that our students realize the benefits of making positive health choices especially in response to outside influences from their peers and the media and to encourage them to take ownership for their own health.
    The following is the health education curriculum outline by grade:
    9th Grade
    Current Drug Trends
    Sexuality (Male/Female Anatomy, Pregnancy)
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    10th Grade
    NJ Driver License System
    Driver Safety and Rules of the Road
    Defensive Driving
    Drinking, Drugs and Driving 
    Vehicle Information and Safety
    Tissue and Organ Donation
    Review and State Examination
    11th Grade
    Body Image and the Influence of the Media
    Eating Disorders 
    High Risk Behaviors and Universal Precautions
    Dating Violence
    Depression and Suicide
    12th Grade
    Family Planning
    Methods of Contraception
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    Real Care Babies