• My Teaching Philosophy 
       My philosophy on education begins with the fact that all students have the ability to learn and to want to learn. Every child is different in the way they retain knowledge and absorb information. I believe a good teacher alters his or her teaching method and lesson plans to adapt to his or her learners needs. A teacher alters her method for her students both individually and as a whole.
       I believe in a hands on learning experience that involves both direct and indirect instruction. When the students are connected in a hands on learning environment they are enhancing and engrossing a directly taught lesson. My philosophy consist of always having a open door. My room will be open for ideas, open for discussion, extra help, improvement, and for all students that are both willing to succeed or struggling.
       A well mannered and structured classroom is a major influence in my philosophy. I believe in a giving and receiving respect form both students and faculty. I believe that acting prudently and having a defined classroom sets our students up for the key to success.
       I believe in a safe, comfortable, and secure environment when a student walks into the classroom they should feel like they are at home. Teachers are caring, loving, and understanding people that have all these wonderful feelings radiating off of them. I believe that when a student comes into their classroom they should feel the warmness coming out of the classroom walls. A comfortable and safe environment is created as a secure place of  learning. It is a second home where a student will get the best out of their learning experience and build confidence.
       Technology is a huge aspect in today’s new world. I believe that technology should be incorporated into the curriculum. Teachers need to understand and evolve with the new generation. Technology is another hands on method I will use to enhance my students education. It will be used to enrich the learning process in a way to teach students about computers in both society and in the classroom. 
       Finally, I believe that the children are our future. It is my philosophy to mold the minds of our young tomorrow. The children are our future and it is my honor to be a teacher and help these learners grow to their fullest potential.