• Course Outline:


    The course is divided into seven units of study with corresponding films.  The texts used are as follows:

    • Understanding the Film: An Introduction to Film Appreciation
    • Understanding Movies
    • Media Literacy
    • Teacher-generated handouts
    • Films

    In this class, we will be analyzing each distinct aspect of the film, from its creation to its storyline.  To successfully do so, you will be required to do the following:

    1.      Read all assigned materials

    2.      Actively view movies and participate in class discussions

    3.      Keep a well-organized notebook which will be checked periodically

    4.      Complete vocabulary quizzes and unit tests

    5.      Complete all assigned reaction papers and projects

    Grades are calculated accordingly:

    Tests/Essays: 40%

    Quizzes: 30% 

    Homework/Classwork: 25%

    Newsela: 5%     

    What will hurt my grade?


    • Being late! Make it to class on time and always hand in assignments when they are due.
    • A poor attitude! Be respectful at all times and believe in yourself and your abilities.
    • Disorganization! I know it takes time and effort, but being organized will help you stay on top of assignments and manage your time well.
    • Being quiet! This is not an invitation to be disruptive, but you should participate in class and ask for help when you need it.
    • Wasting time! Don't waste my time or your own.