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    The mention of homework often brings a mixed reaction from both students and parents. In high school, your child will have homework every night. Homework is an important part of the total educational program.  Understand that homework is a very meaningful activity.

         Homework is assigned for a variety of reasons. The work may be intended to review and reinforce a concept presented in class, or it may be a way to check on the student’s understanding and determine the need for further teaching. Sometimes the purpose of the homework is to challenge the student’s interest and encourage individual exploration of a topic. Independent learning builds self-esteem as students discover that they can research information and solve problems. Some assignments emphasize the relationship of a class activity to the real world. All assignments offer you, the parents, a glimpse into our classroom activities.

    • Give your student a special homework folder. Papers stuffed into backpacks often arrive home crumpled and torn. A pocket folder with a big HOMEWORK label on the front is an easy organizational tool so that homework gets to and from school.
    • Make sure that 20-30 minutes of independent reading is completed every night. This is the single most important thing for you to make a routine.  

    Homework’s contribution to teaching young people to organize time and materials sometimes goes unrecognized. But success in keeping track of assignments and completing them on time provides personal satisfaction and a sense of achievement.