I will offer help before school (by appointment) and after school to students.  If students ever need immediate help or are absent they can email me any questions at:  mferraiuolo@ridgefieldschools.com. 


    Objective:  The AP English course concentrates predominantly on the literary contribution of a variety of American and British authors.  Students will be studying various literary periods with works from four genres of literature—poetry, drama, the short story, and the novel.  In this focused course, students will not only be preparing for the Advanced Placement Literature examination, but they will specifically be learning about how to analyze literature and create their own meaning of those pieces on the college level.  Students will understand how to look at literature in terms of how the work is affected by the author and by the period in which it was written as well as how it affects them today.  Analysis of the works will be also be centered on how the literature is written, focusing on the author’s word choice, imagery, and use of detail.  Having higher order critical thinking skills is stressed in this class.  


    Writing:  In addition to understanding how to analyze literature on the college level, the students’ course of study will focus on the development and advancement of their own writing on the collegiate level.  Students will write numerous AP style essays throughout the year, both in class and outside of class.  For the most part, these essays will be timed.  Revision of works will help students to grow as writers and will be encouraged.  Students will also be writing reactions to the literary analysis of other writers on pieces they have read during the year.  A literary research paper will be required for this course.  The students will also be learning how to create meaningful works of literature themselves including short stories and poetry. 


    Method of Instruction:  Two methods of instruction will be used in this course:  lecture and class discussion.  It is pertinent that an instructor teaches students how to look at literature in an insightful manner so that students may model that behavior themselves.  It allows students to be able to come away with a meaningful look at the literature they are studying.  Additionally, it is vital that students participate in class discussions, ones not only engaged in by the class as a whole but in small groups as well.  Both the teacher and/or the students can lead these fruitful discussions. 


    The following is a list of works we will be covering in the school year:


    *   Novels/Novellas:  The Stranger, Pride and Prejudice, The Awakening,

           Invisible Man, Crime and Punishment, and Metamorphosis

        Drama:  Waiting for Godot and Hamlet

        Short Stories and Poems: handouts and selections from various college anthologies


     Grading Policy:

    A+   97 – 100              B+  87 – 89                 C+  77 – 79                 D  65 – 69        

    A     94 – 96                B    84 – 86                 C    74 – 76                 F   Below 65

    A-    90 – 93                B-   80 – 83                 C-   70 – 73


    Your grade will be determined in the following way: 


    Assessments                                                                                                                40%

    Graded homework*/Classwork                                                                                  30%

    Quizzes                                                                                                                       30%    


    *Homework will be checked daily, though not all assignments may be collected. You will still be held accountable for all assignments.

    *If you are absent when an assignment is due, you must email it to me or hand in a physical copy by the next day.   

    *If you are absent, it is your responsibility to come see me or email me to ask what the assignment is.  If no action is taken, you will still be held responsible.

    *For late homework assignments, the highest possible grade will be a 50 if given by the next day, a 0 if after.