•  Class Expectations


    All classes are meant to be a safe environment where students can be creative and feel free to express themselves. Students are expected to RESPECT their classmates as artists, and respect their artwork as well. Negative comments about others and their work will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action.


     Students are expected to try their best and participate in class activities. Effort and attitude go a long way toward succeeding in class, as it will in life as well.


    Smocks are a wonderful thing! Students are encouraged to bring in a smock, anything from an apron to an old, over-sized T-Shirt would be fine. The majority of art materials used in class are washable, but sometimes stains happen.


    Digital Art and Multimedia require the saving of student work. All assignments will be worked on during class time and saved on their class computers, but students are expected to back their work up elsewhere. USB Flash Drives, or Cloud Based solutions such as DropBox, OneDrive or Google Drive are common methods for saving copies of student work.

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