Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Lippman

Teaching Philosophy


           My teaching philosophy stems from my strong belief in which ALL students can learn, just in different ways and in different styles. ALL students have the ability to learn in their own way.  I believe a teacher should be flexible and get to know their students very well in order to teach them to their greatest potential.  An effective teacher should be able to alter their lesson to have the students access the materials and content.   

          All children carry special gifts inside of them. I believe that anyone working with a special needs child has the responsibility to identify those gifts.  As a self contained special education teacher, I have smaller groups of students than a typical general education classroom.  This allows me to do what I love- develop a relationship with my students based on respect, fun, and a want to succeed.My personal goal for my students is to have them move on to next year as a better person and student. My hope is they leave me with more insight and skills than when they came.