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    In Study Skills, we will work together to help you achieve success in all of your classes. You will be challenged with thoughtful questions from your classes to help you gain a better understanding. We will review homework and manage our time to prepare for upcoming tests and quizzes. You will have opportunities to ask and answer questions you do not understand. Study Skills is designed to help you produce your best work!

    Classroom Rules:

       1. Be ready and on time to each class.

       2. Attend each class prepared with all materials.

       3. Listen, participate and be respectful.

       4. Turn in assignments on time. 

       5. NO BULLYING. 

    Students will work on concepts taught in core classes. 

    Students will complete missed assignments or complete classwork.
    Students will work on writing skills and research papers.
    Students will work on completing study guides.
    Students will review for test/quizzes.
    Students will work on Achieve 3000.

    Grading (Daily Assessments and Study Skills Class) 

                                     A.)   Classwork      25%         B.)   Participation   50%       C.)   Achieve 3000  25%