• Debate Club!

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    The Debate Club is a Middle Level club moderated by Mr. Brusgard at Slocum Skewes School. The debate club meets twice a month in room 202 afterschool, but if interested, students could have meetings at lunch and recess as well. The topics which the Debate Club will tackle are selected from monthly Junior Scholastic or New York Times Upfront Magazines. During the meetings we read articles and formulate opinions on the topic. For example, some of the topics we covered last year were...."Should Daylight Savings End?" "Does school day start too early?" "Should Voting be Easier?" After reviewing the articles we sometimes break into teams, groups, or have students give their opinion and have a group discussion. The goal of the club is to have students to have fun, talk, and realize that we can disagree with people and still get along.