• School is a fun ride!
    Welcome to Ms. Mendoza's 5th grade class!
    There will be some fun and exciting learning activities going on in our classroom this year and the students will enjoy the challenge!  My students are usually happy and show a desire to learn that is quite contagious.  Our classroom provides a safe, bright, nurturing, and organized environment where the students are team players and I am their Coach, leading them to experience new successes everyday, some large, some small, but all important just the same.  They will grow academically and emotionally each day.  I aim to guide them to discover what they are truly capable of when they try their best, and to a new level of responsibility that will make them more independent.
    As their Teacher, who cares about them so much, I expect them to try their best and begin to demonstrate responsibility, which includes completing assignments on time, focusing during lessons/classwork, and working together in a productive way.  We don't have a set of rules posted in our classroom, but instead have several character traits such as truthfulness, citizenship, responsibility, and caring, which we discuss, and the children understand that these traits incorporate all the important rules of how to behave now, and in the future as a young adult.
    Each day, we will spend time discovering new Math concepts.  During that time, we will review homework and morning work, then enjoy a visual and activity filled Math lesson, where the students work together and independently, as I coach them along, moving from group to group or child to child.  From past experiences, the students really stay engaged during this process and seem to thrive.  They often can't believe how the time flies by, and neither do we : )    After Math, on several days a week, we become involved in a Science lesson which usually includes a visual, some text work, a lab at times, projects, note taking, and applying ELA skills to their learning.  We also will try to keep them informed of appropriate "Science news" and they love it!  
    This year, we also have the privilege to incorporate more technology in our lessons, which motivates the students and deepens learning.
    We will have a great time discovering all the new things that 5th grade has to offer, and the students are going to take it all in!