• Students should be checking into Google Classroom each day so we can take attendance and they can access each day's assignments.
    1/2 Day Schedule During Home Instruction

    Period 1 8:00-8:26 Homeroom

    Period 2 8:29-8:55 English

    Period 3 8:58-9:24 Spanish (Mrs. Ferdinand)

    Period 4 9:27-9:53 Math

    Period 5 9:56-10:22 DLM-Science

    Period 6 10:25-10:51 Physical Education (Gym)

    Period 7 10:54-11:20 Lunch

    Period 8 11:23-11:49 Social Studies-Current Events

    Period 9 11:52-12:18 Regroup Session

    Welcome Ridgefield Memorial High School
    Mrs. Miano's Class 135A
    I am located on the first floor in Rm. 135A.  I am a self-contained teacher for Autistic students in Ridgefield Memorial High School.
    Homework assignments are updated daily on the homework page.  You can find all homework assignments for Language Arts, Math,
    Social Studies and Science in my homework page.   
    I look forward to working with you and your child to make their educational experience a rewarding one!