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    "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” ― Maya Angelou 
    If you love to be creative--to draw, to write poetry, to write stories, to take photographs--and to be with students who are just like you, come join Serendipity!  Meetings are every Monday after school in Room 202.
    Serendipity is Ridgefield Memorial High School's literature and arts club. Students meet weekly and share poems, short stories, drawings, and photographs which they have created and/or taken. Students openly share their works, listening to their peers who give constructive comments and suggestions on their pieces through a workshop method.  Students not only work on their pieces individually, but also establish partnerships with their peers on joint collaborative pieces as well.  Just as importantly, strong friendships are forged through the creative atmosphere the club offers to students!  
    Two issues are created by club members annually, the Fall-Winter issue and the Spring-Summer issue.  Each issue has a general theme which is chosen by members and students create pieces that go with that theme.  Students are involved in all parts of the book creation process, meeting together to scan the original artwork as well as create the layout of the literary/art pamphlet as a group, choosing which pieces work best for the current issue and grouping them according to theme and similarity.  
    All RMHS students are welcome to join Serendipity at any point in the school year! If students cannot come to meetings, they can still submit their pieces for publishing via email to serendipityrmhs@gmail.com.  Works can be published anonymously as well.
    Club Advisor:  Miss Ferraiuolo (mferraiuolo@ridgefieldschools.com) 
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    Feel free to look at our wonderful issues from the past six years by clicking on the links below!