• Ridgefield Academic Decathlon 
    Academic Decathlon is a team-based scholastic competition in which students match wits with teams from other schools in ten areas of study: 
    • art
    • economics
    • essay
    • interview
    • language and literature
    • mathematics
    • music
    • social science
    • speech
    • super quiz 

    A team consists of 9 full-time students from grade 9-12. Each team is made up of:

    • 3 Honor students (GPA = 3.750 - 4.00)
    • 3 Scholastic students (GPA = 3.00 - 3.749)
    • 3 Varsity students (GPA = 0.00 - 2.999)                                                                              

    Contestants may compete in a higher division than their own grade point average category but not in a lower division.

    There must be at least three people in each of the categories for the team to be able to compete. Other members are considered alternates and still compete, but their scores are not counted. There can be one alternate in each category, so the team ideally consists of twelve people. 

    Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded for individual events and total scores. Winning teams advance through the local, regional, and state levels of competition. The state champions compete at the national finals. 

    The purpose of Academic Decathlon is "to develop and provide academic competitions, curriculum, and assessment to promote learning an academic excellence through teamwork among students of all academic levels" (U.S. Academic Decathlon mission statement).

    For more information, please visit the U.S. Academic Decathlon website.