•                                                                         "GIVE ME  A MUSEUM AND I'LL FILL IT."

                                                                                                    ---PABLO PICASSO

    Each year, the art department and its students strive not to fill up a museum with art, but rather our gymnasium with over six hundred works of art created by our students.  We fill the gym up proudly with paintings, sculptures, drawing, ceramics, computer art, and photographs. This school year will hopefully be no different.  As a high school fine arts teacher for 17 years, I have and will continue to provide my students with a wealth of knowledge about art, methods to create art, and the history of art.  I also promise to encourage my students to always try their best and be open minded about various methods and styles of art.  I am looking forward to an exciting school year!
                                                                                              Mrs. Christina Thorry-Santiago 

    2020-21  Classroom Codes for Mrs. Santiago's Art Courses:

    Period I:  fjrkpf7

    Period 2: 7pvyxj6

    Period 3: 7hzc6lg

    Period 7: bnzotfx

    Period 8: dysaszh

    Period 9: wwtrpzw