Occupational Guidance and Preparation
    The Occupational Guidance and Preparation course of the STRIVE Program is a crucial component in the preparation of adult life. Students learn important work related skills such as specific job skills, safety skills, and work place social etiquette. They volunteer at a variety of work sites. The develop portfolios which include resumes, letters of recommendation and job performance assessments.  They practice Job interview skills and participate in a mock job interview project.  They also develop personal electronic portfolios which in the past have been used at the Dare To Dream: Student Leadership Conference at Montclair University. They visit a variety of post secondary placements and programs that could be helpful to them once they graduate.  Different post secondary programs visit the students in the classroom and give presentations which help the students understand they resources available to them.  The Students are all members of our GAAP Club (Group Advocacy and Awareness Program). The GAAP Club meets once a week to discuss and learn about advocating for their needs now and after graduation.