• 1/2 Day Schedule
    Students should be logging into their google classrooms at the following times each day to take attendance and check the daily activities that need to be completed.  
    Period 1 Homeroom 8:00-8:26
    Period 2 English 8:29 - 8:55
    Period 3 Special 8:58 - 9:24
    Period 4 Math 9:27 - 9:53
    Period 5 Lunch 9:56 - 10:22
    Period 6 History 10:25 - 10:51
    Period 7 Special 10:54 - 11:20
    Period 8 Science 11:23 - 11:49
    Period 9 Regroup 11:52-12:18
    Mr. Lacatena's Classroom  
    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing summer.  I'm excited to be starting my 14th year of teaching in the Learning Center at Ridgefield Memorial High School.
    My goal is to make learning fun and interesting. I will embrace every opportunity to foster a love of learning and a desire for knowledge through a wide variety of different teaching techniques and types of schoolwork.  I am a big believer of movement in the classroom (Kinesthetic Learning).  Throughout each lesson, I try to get all the students actively and physically involved.
    I will also try my best to accommodate each child's learning needs as I believe that each child needs to be given the best chance of success, in order to insure an equal opportunity for learning. 
    I look forward to a successful and rewarding school year with everyone :)