• Welcome to the Ridgefield Memorial H.S. Learning Center page!  
    The Learning Center program offers quality instructional opportunities for classified students of various functioning levels. Individual needs are addressed through innovative, creative, and comprehensive programs designed to meet each student's specific goals.  We offer departmentalized academic classes for high school age students so they can receive instruction and supports in classes with other students at their academic levels. This gives students the opportunity to move to more challenging classes as they progress.  When appropriate, we also offer options for mainstream classes available in all subjects.
    For students who have completed the high school requirement we have a STRIVE (Striving To Reach Independence Via Education) program, that focuses on community based instruction. The goal is to prepare students for the world outside of school, through the following domains: occupational guidance and preparation, independent living skills, daily living skills, personal/social skills, and functional academics. Our Transition Team provides job coaches to train students to work at community businesses in school to work internships. The program offers related services in counseling, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. The program is available to New Jersey classified students. If you wish to receive more information, please contact Dr. Laurie Densen at 201-775-6447 or email ldensen@ridgefieldschools.com.