• In the words of Vince Lombardi…

    “Practice does not make perfect.

    Only perfect practice makes perfect”.

    Welcome to Eighth/Seventh Grade Science

    Where perfect practice starts with technology infused,

    hands-on, cooperative learning and continues at home

    with skill-focused homework and projects

                                               DNA                           Test Tube                     tennis                             

    It is my goal as an educator to meet your child where he or she is presently, and assist them on the journey to go above and beyond where they never thought was possible. In doing so, I will treat your child with respect, compassion, and understanding. Together, we will create a student-centered learning environment that promotes trust and teamwork, in addition to providing continual opportunities for personal growth and discovery. 

    It is my philosophy that effective learning takes place when there is collaboration between teacher, student, and parent alike. I encourage you to discuss the school day with your child, asking questions and offering praise and encouragement. Your involvement, support, and interest will play an important role in your child’s success.