• Welcome to the Learning Center!  

    Currently, our school houses the following programs.   Our students live in Ridgefield or are welcomed from surrounding towns. 
    PreSchool Disabled and Pre-School Autism Program (Students 3 to 5) 
    We have full day programs for students who are classified as PreSchool Disabled and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).   The PreSchool Disabled class maintains a 3:1 student staff ratio, while the pre-school ASD class maintains a 2:1 student-staff ratio.  Both programs incorporate the following:

    * Use of the Rethink Autism Curriculum
    * Discrete Trial Instruction
    * Data recording on all programs and targeted behaviors.
    * Picture activity schedules
    * Picture Exchange Communication System
    * Small group and large group instruction
    * Individualized behavior interventions plans created and implemented as needed.
    * Weekly consultation between the behavior analyst, teachers, and paraprofessionals, as well as the related services staff.

    Autism Spectrum Disorder Program (Students 5 to 21)
    For students classified with ASD, the Ridgefield schools offer programs with a 2:1 student to teacher ratio.  The EDEN Assessment and Rethink Autism Curriculums are used as tools to assess students and provide instruction at each student's individual level.   With a focus on helping students become independent and self-sufficient, academics are taught to meet individual student needs.   Social skills are taught throughout each day.
    Instruction is delivered in both small and whole groups, and discrete trial instruction, as appropriate.
    All classes follow a general classroom behavior plan, based on the principals of ABA; and, when needed, individualized behavior intervention plans are created and implemented.