'Peter' the Robot!  
                 We are on the cutting edge of the latest technology. Ridgefield recently purchased two Nao Robots to use with our students. These additions to the technology department will add yet another component to providing innovate learning ideas with your children. Training was provided that will allow us to incorporate the use of the robots into various lessons. 

     Many children are fascinated with technology. Life today revolves around the constant use of electronics in both the home and school environments. Children and teachers are embracing technology as a way of enhancing learning styles and reinforcing material being taught. Much research is being done on the effects of the Nao Robot with special education students. You can find additional research and information about the Nao Robot on the internet. Please go to the following website to learn more from Aldebaran Robotics. While on their website, check out the AskNao Initiative. This is the program we are using here at Shaler.  

              Our pilot program, REAL – Robot Enrichment Adds Learning, is currently underway in Shaler Academy.  The goal of this program is for 'Peter' to help engage our students and assist them in learning and reinforcing new skills. Different programs are addressed involving increasing communication and attention skills.  Mrs. Mary Ellen Paradiso, a speech and language specialist, works with children during these sessions.  Data and progress is kept to ascertain the benefits of this program for our students. 
               Several news media sources were interested in our robot program.  Please check out the following news stories to learn more about our exciting additions.